It’s a little different for everyone. When the way you feel begins to negatively impact your sleep, your job, your appetite, your relationships with friends and loved ones, or your decision-making abilities, this can be a sign that you might need help from a professional.

Professional counseling gives you an opportunity to share, but also to gain, new understanding and perspective. Life can be hard at times, and difficult circumstances are sometimes beyond our control, but it does not have to be overwhelming. Therapy helps you set achievable goals and begin to make lasting changes to help you reach them. Through getting to the root of the issues and learning techniques for changing your unhealthy behaviors, you’re equipped to both regain control and practice healthy patterns for long-lasting improvement. Depending on the reasons you are seeking out therapy, what you can expect to get out of therapy differs. Generally, my clients are seeking clarity around a certain issue, want to break the cycle of bad habits, or need advice and counsel about a current life situation. Whatever is going on in your life, therapy will provide clarity, relief, confidence, or whatever you feel you need at this time

Since the needs and goals of every client are different, therapy sessions vary in format and approach. Sometimes clients come with an agenda or specific things they’d like to talk about. Other times, people have a success story, an emotion that’s bothering them, or just a vague feeling or thought they can’t shake. Sessions progress based on the needs of the client at the time, but active participation and collaboration is important. In addition to in-session discussion and activities, we might encourage an outside activity or assignment that we discuss later (like reading a book, or keeping a journal). Ultimately, the goal is to identify the areas where change or help is needed, set realistic objectives, and to equip you with resources and strategies for both near-term and long-term success.

First Session Assessment: You will meet with your therapist via a confidential video conferencing platform for a more in-depth assessment of your concerns. You will walk away with an improved understanding of what’s been causing you pain, defined goals for treatment, and clarity about how you and your therapist will work together to meet your goals.

overage varies greatly, but my services may be covered in part or in full by your insurance provider. Please contact your EAP ( Employee Assistance Program) or health insurance plan to learn more about what your plan covers. Below are some questions that are helpful to ask:

  • Do my insurance benefits include mental health services?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
  • Will I be required to pay a copay?
  • Is there a limit to the number of sessions per year my plan covers?
  • What is my deductible?
  • Do I need to get approval from my primary care physician?

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